We need to expand our storage space

Unic Rotarex® storage space is not sufficient anymore. We assemble fewer structures and produce more, which shows that Unic Rotarex® products have begun to be sought in the building materials market.

At this time, we export over 65% of our production and it seems like this trend is ascending. Our abroad clients have the quality products education. When your product is TÜV SÜD München certified, no one doubts its quality.

Therefore we have a simple conclusion: we must extend our storage space! In this regard, we bought a plot of land which will allow us to extend in the future but also to better organize the production, storage, and delivery flux. For the same reason, we are negotiating to buy a new production line, the latest technology, which will improve Unic Rotarex® product quality.

We hope that in one year from now on our wishes become true for the benefit of our clients and, why not, also ours.