Unic Rotarex® tuition course results

We are happy to find out that Unic Rotarex® tuition course results are very good! Mr. Adrian P. has participated last month at our free tuition course as a customer, with the intention to learn to assemble by himself the house structure.

Mr. Adrian is not a constructor and, however, he managed very well and convinced us that an interested person can accumulate, in the two days of tuition, the necessary knowledge to assemble a house structure. It is enough for us to say that any participant will manage to assemble a house structure, so we invite you to reduce the construction costs by buying Unic Rotarex® structures and assembling them on your own.

We are also convinced that, due to the perfectly aligned structure, it will be easy for any team to assemble the gypsum boards and OSB.

Here is the answer to “How to build a cheaper house?”. Our client has confirmed the idea in which we believe, proving once again that learning is the best thing we can do during our lifetime.

That is why we invite you to participate at the free Unic Rotarex® tuition course, held each month at our headquarter in Crainimat, Bistrita, Romania.