Unic Rotarex® tuition course and the skills acquired in Germany

The technical experience acquired in Germany makes it easy to assemble Unic Rotarex® structures for our clients. This once again demonstrates that Unic Rotarex® structures have very good plans and our customers can assemble them without asking questions.

After completing the Tuition Course in the assembly of Unic Rotarex® structures, Mr. Chirila Alin easily assembles the first structure in his life. We always explain that our structures are like mathematics, the result must be exact.

Today, Mr. Chirila sent us the first pictures that show that our structures can be easily assembled by following correctly the assembling plans. You do not have to be a specialist to read plans that are so simple. We offer 2D and 3D plans, and everything must come out as planned.

We invite you to follow Mr. Chirilla’s example, who will not only get a cheaper house but especially a house with very good technical indicators, provided by Unic Rotarex® technology.

So far there are three houses in Germany and two more projects have been approved this week. Who said Unic Rotarex® can not build in Germany? !!!