The house built by one man

Following the participation in our tuition course, Mr. Bercu bought an Unic Rotarex® steel structure to build a house. After delivering the structure we contacted him to make sure that everything is fine, even if our team did not make the assembling of the structure.
We were pleasantly surprised by his reaction, Mr. Bercu states: “It’s a perfect system.” He also confesses that he works alone: ​​“I do it practically alone. You need to know that the world appreciates the system, they are impressed that it is built by just one man.” Thus, after a month and a few days, besides assembling the structure, he also plated it with OSB. Anyone can realize the time and cost savings brought by the modern building technologies proposed by Unic Rotarex®.
What we appreciate even more is that Mr. Bercu was satisfied, not only by the steel structure, but also by the collaboration with our team: “Promptness, reaction speed, professionalism and quality. UnicRotarex® can be compared to any world wide company. I say it based on the experience gathered in 21 years of living outside the borders.
If you want to build with the latest technology on the market and a professional team with over 10 years experience in this field, you can write to us here.