Unic Rotarex® light steel structures

Production facilities equipped with the latest technology available today.

Production of the structures

Production of light steel structures at Unic Rotarex® factoryWe produce the best quality light steel structures using high-quality galvanized steel. Our structures are European-certified by TÜV SÜD München.

We use the latest technology on the market today, our production line (Framecad) manufactures cold-formed galvanized steel profiles by a precise plan. The profiles are cold-formed, drilled, cut, and printed with explicit assembling codes.

Based on the 2D and 3D assembling plans even beginners manage to assemble the structure we produce, showing a revolutionary product that gains more marketplace every day.

We put on the market a modern product that, besides the CE marking on the label, also has barcodes that are scanned at delivery following procedures agreed with TÜV SÜD München.

Visit Unic Rotarex® production facility in order to see for yourself why our customers are satisfied.

Light steel structures preassembling in factory.Preassembling in factory

At the client’s request, we preassemble in structural elements all elements which, by form and size, fit into the transportation mean. The preassembling is done with self-drilling Grabber screws, the best screws of this type on the market. Pre-assembling in the factory is preferred, due to its supervising, we will obtain superior quality. During pre-assembling, we also apply the sealing tape on all profiles which come into direct contact with the concrete slab.

Steel profiles packingPacking

Each structural element is packed in one or more manipulable packs.

The packs are temporarily stored in clean and dry places until delivery.

Loading into the transportation mean is done with lifting equipment or manually.

Packing is done with heat-welded PVC stripes and a sticker label is applied on each pack.

Unic Rotarex® European certification labelLabeling

On each pre-assembled element, a sticker label is applied. The packed structural elements may be formed by one or more packs, according to their size. The name of the pack will be the same and it will differentiate by C1 (package 1), C2, C3, etc.

On the sticker label is printed the CE marking, the manufacturer’s name, and address, the customer information, the standard, and execution class in which the goods were produced. Also, we find data about the project, the name of the element, the declaration of performance number, the date in which it was produced, the number of tying stripes and its position on the packing list. All this information is accompanied by a bar code that can be laser scanned and eases the delivery.

Delivery of Unic Rotarex® lightweight steel structuresTemporary storage and delivery

After manufacturing, we store the structural elements and the packs in dry and clean places until delivery.

Delivery is done based on the packing list by scanning the bar codes of the labels, operation which guarantees that the whole order will be delivered at the agreed place.

Loading in the truck is done by grouping the same size elements or packs as so as during transportation the goods will stay in place. At unloading the workers must be careful at the packs that could move during transportation not to fall on them or produce accidents. We recommend to pre-sort the elements and the packs at unloading and to read the general instructions on the packing list for manipulation and storage.

Assembling on site

Light steel structures assembling on site in LondonThe structural elements are assembled as a load-bearing structure of the construction on the site, on the concrete foundation. Self-drilling screws fasten the elements together. The assembler inserts them using a threaded machine according to the assembling plan and the technical documentation. For the positions of the 2D elements that are not clear enough, we use the 3D plan.
A team of 4-6 workers can easily assemble the structure. The vast majority of items are light, easy to handle, and fix on positions.
The grip on the concrete foundation is done with anchors according to the plan.
A rubber sealing tape is fixed between the concrete and the sole of the structural element.
The plans are so explicit and the structural elements are so regular that they can be assembled without measuring tools.
We will achieve a modular structure, perfectly aligned on all levels. In this way, any construction team can easily plate it with prefabricated elements.
The tools you need for the assembly are few and cheap. Any person with a minimum of technical knowledge can assemble by himself.
Assembling instructions help you understand more clearly the technical documentation, the assembling plan and the 3D plan but also sorting the materials, reading the plans, understanding the system’s specificities, and the permitted manual modifications on the structures or association with other materials. For any other concerns, the Unic Rotarex® team offers free consultancy services over the phone. All beginners managed to assemble our structures using these methods.

Unic Rotarex® assembling teams can train the new customers to assemble our structures at the start of the collaboration.
Partner companies agreed by Unic Rotarex® can assemble the structures for customers who do not wish to make these works by themselves.