Unic Rotarex® smart living

Nowadays everybody wants to live smart. Unic Rotarex® smart living system is a modern system, based on modern materials and technologies which perfectly fit into the smart thinking.

Heat recovering air conditioning

Heat recovering air conditioning system

We propose you to breathe fresh air by installing in your buildings heat recovering air conditioning systems. These systems use sensors to replace the foul air with fresh air by using the energy of the evacuated air to pre-heat or cool the air which enters the building.
The in-take quantity is equal to the evacuated air so you won’t feel the discomfort created by the air currents. The whole air quantity from the room is replaced in approximately an hour with fresh air. The energy produced is used for free in your interest. The air ducts can be hidden better in our buildings than in the classical buildings.

Water filtering systems

Masaru Emoto molecular water

Not so many have heard about the molecular water invented by Masaru Emoto. It has real benefits for overall health but also for agriculture. Filtering systems based on ceramic particles that alkalize the water leading to an 8.4 PH. The filtered water enters a vortex which crushes it into very fine particles with higher hydration capacity for the human body, animals, and plants.
Taking into account that the human body is 70% water, we are what we drink. It is scientifically proven that this water helps in treating cancer, diabetes and other diseases.
By combining this water with a hydrogenation machine you will obtain H2OH, the best water which can be used at this time on Earth.

Smart home systems

Smart home

We think that you already know how easy it is to fit all the cables for a smart home in our structure.
Smart home systems with vocal, mobile phone or tablet control. We can automatize anything from access, security or multimedia systems to heating and air conditioning installations or even solar protection.