Portfolio page 6

Portfolio page 6 – Unic Rotarex® factory portfolio works, lightweight steel structures for houses, and for industrial buildings.

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Steel houses in Belgium

Steel house structure

Three identical steel houses in Deurne, Belgium – 173 m² each

Finished steel house in Austin

Steel structure house in Texas

Steel house in Austin, Texas – 352 m²

Steel house in Constanta (RO) – 156 m²

Steel structure for house in winter

Assembling of lightweight steel structure

Steel house in Brasov (RO) – 134 m²

House with steel garage

Inside of steel garage

Steel garage in Wien (AU) – 33 m²

Tiny house in Belgium

Steel structure for tiny house

Tiny house in Oteppe, Belgium – 28 m²

House with steel structure

Steel structure for ground floor house

Ground floor steel house in Craiova, Romania – 105 m²

Steel house and rainbow

Steel structure for house

Steel house in Brebu, Romania – 130 m²

Kindergarten with steel structure walls

Walls for kindergarten in Cluj

Steel structure walls for kindergarten in Cluj, Romania

Steel structure for house extension in France

Steel extension for house

Lightweight steel structure for house extension in Agon-Coutainville, France – 13 m²

House with one two floors

Steel structure assembling

Steel house in Brasov, Romania – 191 m²

Lightweight steel structure house

Steel structure for family house

Family house in Nagyszentjanos, Hungary – 110 m²

Finished steel house

Steel structure for house plated with OBS

Family house in Mezokovesd, Hungary – 105 m²

Storage building with light steel structure

Inside of steel building

Storage building in Gänserndorf, Austria – 170 m²

Vacation house with steel structure

Steel structure for vacation house

 Tiny vacation house in Comblain au Pont, Belgium – 49 m²

Structure for bike shed in London

Lightweight steel structure for bike shed

Bike shed in London

Suplex house with steel structure

Steel house Hungary

Duplex steel house in Vecsés, Hungary – 300 m²