Partnership - ways of collaborating with Unic Rotarex®

Unic Rotarex® partnerships forms from which you can choose:

  • RC (Rotarex Collaborator) – companies which use UnicRotarex® construction system for their own customers or receive works from us and execute them on their own responsibility in Unic Rotarex® system. Read more…
  • REP (Rotarex Exclusive Partner) – companies which receive the right to administrate all the customers in a specific area, chosen by agreement. Read more…
  • APR (Architect Partner Rotarex) – architects and architecture companies which promote Unic Rotarex® system. They can bring and also receive customers from us in order to draw correct projects, specially adapted to our constructive system. Read more…
  • RSA (Rotarex Structures Assembler) – individuals who participate at our tuition course in order to receive a job, open a small business or to be employed by our partners. Read more…

RC (Rotarex Collaborator)

Unic Rotarex® PartnerBuild your customer’s works with our structures. With no obligations or engagements, order and receive structures at the partner’s price, the rest is up to you.

The agreement regulates clearly the way of commercial collaboration, with no other obligations. Only companies can become RC. Individuals who wish to assemble structures must sign in the RSA program.

How to:

  • sign in the form below and provide all the required information;
  • we will send you the agreement draft which clarifies the details of our collaboration;
  • plan a meeting at Unic Rotarex® headquarters in order to meet each other and sign the partnership agreement. There is the possibility to sign the agreement without meeting and send it by courier;
  • when your agreement comes into force you are ready to order low price structures.


  • to respect and promote the development strategy proposed by Unic Rotarex®;
  • make correct offers for the customer’s inquiries;
  • make quality works by respecting Unic Rotarex® technologies and the law in force;


  • receive the partner price for the steel structure, the lowest price we offer;
  • receive many inquiries from our customers;
  • you associate with a respected brand so you will benefit from the credibility you need in order to prove what you can do;
  • we can associate as an organization in order to take large works which cannot be contracted individually;
  • we become a large and strong team which can face the new challenges of the market.

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REP (Rotarex Exclusive Partner)

REP - Unic Rotarex® exclusive partnerReceive exclusivity for selling our product in an area or country which is not occupied by another exclusive partner.

This form of partnership is conditioned by an annual target, divided in trimesters. The amount of the targets is negotiated with each partner according to the chosen area.

The value of the target for each trimester must be paid in advance at the starting of each trimester in the first year of collaboration.

If the targets are reached, in the second year of collaboration the trimestrial target must be reached and not paid in advance.

The lack of capacity to meet the assumed target and the inability to complete it with money results in the cessation or restriction of exclusivity.

How to:

  • sign in the form below and provide all the required information;
  • we will send you the agreement draft which clarifies the details of our collaboration;
  • plan a meeting at the Unic Rotarex® headquarters to get to know us, set the exclusivity area and negotiate targets;
  • sign the REP partnership agreement and start the collaboration;

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APR (Architect Partner Rotarex)

RPA - Unic Rotarex® partnership with architectsAPR is Unic Rotarex® way of collaboration with architects. As a result of signing the partnership agreement, we will send you customers who need architectural projects or you can bring your own customers.

Without obligations, with the possibility of immediate admission or abdication. We support each other in the development of modern constructive systems. Furthermore, we share our experience in order to raise the quality level and lower the price of small and medium-sized buildings.

Brickwork belongs to the past. It’s like we would still use wired phones today.

During the Partnership Agreement, you will be listed in the Architect Partner Rotarex List and our clients can contact you directly.

If you have construction models which you want to promote send us a representative photo for each and we will publish them in our “Products from architects” section, with a direct link to your website.

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RSA (Rotarex Structures Assembler)

RSA - Rotarex Structures AssemblerAre you an individual looking for a well-paid job? Do you want to start a small business? We will qualify you in the craft of Rotarex Structures Assemblers and you can be employed by our partners or start a small business as a Rotarex Structures Assembler.

The tuition course for the Rotarex Structures Assembler craftsmanship is free and opens new job opportunities.

The great majority of our collaborators ask about qualified employees who can assemble the structures bought from us.

The diploma you obtain will give you the chance to be employed by our partners and collaborators.

After you obtain the Rotarex Structures Assembler diploma you can gather a small team which can receive assembling works from us or from our partners and collaborators.

How to:

  • sign in the tuition course;
  • we will send you the agreement draft which clarifies the details of our collaboration;
  • we consent the tuition starting date;
  • you pay the participation fee, 50 EUR + taxes;
  • we sign the agreement;
  • you participate in the theoretical part of the tuition course (Modules 1 and 2);
  • we will plan the practical part of the tuition course (Module 3);
  • promote the theoretical test (Module 4);
  • promote the practical test (Module 5);
  • you pay the fee for the diploma issuing, 50 EUR+ taxes;
  • we issue the RSA diploma;
  • you sign in for the opportunity which best fits your needs.

Click here to see the schedule of the tuition course.

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