Unic Rotarex® partnerships give you the advantage to be present on the market as a large organization. Work under the most popular name in this domain.

Partnership - ways of collaborating with Unic Rotarex®

  • Design Partner – Can be an architect, a static engineer or a design company who wants to receive works and design in Unic Rotarex® system.
    Given that our know-how required 10 years of work, please understand that we will not share it easily. It is necessary that you visit us in order to know each other and if we agree to sign a collaboration and confidentiality agreement. You can then make projects for Unic Rotarex® clients based on the know-how we provide.
  • Production Partner – can be an investor who joins us to set up an Unic Rotarex® production unit in our country or in his area.
    Unic Rotarex® enters into partnership with the know-how. The partner must provide (as a contribution to the share capital) a production hall, the necessary equipment, and expenses until the certification and the start of production.
  • Assembling Partner – can be a company with whom we sign a partnership agreement. The partner learns first to assemble correctly Unic Rotarex® structures and then receives assembling works for our structures. An Assembling Partner can also be a person who wants to learn this profession. Subsequently, he will be able to work for Unic Rotarex® partner companies.

Building Methods

Is Unic Rotarex® know-how that is available to those interested so that they can build with our system. In order to develop building methods in a new area with architectural, climatic and normative specifications, Unic Rotarex® can provide information at a certain cost. This cost is determined by the requirements of the interested party.
Building Methods sum up the construction technologies used for lightweight steel structure houses. Sections of walls, floors, and roofs specific to the area in which it is built. Solutions for obtaining thermal, sound and fire resistance. Recommended prefabricated materials.