Mobile homes

As we mentioned in another of our blog articles, tiny houses have been in high demand lately. Why shouldn’t they be also mobile? They can be. Now, your home can be anywhere! Mobile homes can be moved from place to place without problems.  They are a cheaper alternative to classic homes and they offer the same level of comfort.

In addition to the fact that the usable area is larger when building with our structures, Unic Rotarex® has one more big advantage: the low weight of the steel structure. The mobile homes are placed on a wheeled platform, and the total weight must not exceed 3.5 tons. Therefore, even manufacturers specialized in the construction of mobile homes choose to use lightweight steel structures. So did Mr. Vladimir, who ordered and installed his first steel structure for a mobile home (see image above). Mr. Vladimir is very satisfied with the choice he made, he wants to purchase more structures from us in order to build mobile homes.

Mobile homes are often used as vacation homes, office spaces, or commercial spaces, but they can also be permanent homes. If you plan to build a mobile home, you have come to the right place. Contact us here!