Main sponsor at the structures contest

Friday and Saturday, 5-6 May 2017, we participated at the “Latticed structures contest”, the sixth edition held by the construction department of the Iasi Construction University, as the main sponsor. We were pleasantly surprised to find a very young team of teachers who understand the necessity of developing new alternative structures systems.

A very good didactic base, young teachers, opened to new technologies and also enthusiastic students determined us to believe for the first time that we are not alone in our try to develop the lightweight steel structures system. We had interesting talks with the teachers and with the students and we agreed to make available the didactic research material in order to teach Unic Rotarex® construction system. We agreed to collaborate on the design and development of the system and to test new structural elements which bring improvements to our product.

It was very pleasant to award young students which proved their knowledge by making cardboard load-bearing structures. We will continue to sustain the research and the development of  Unic Rotarex® construction systems together with the universities, in order to give value to Unic Rotarex® products.