Kaufland facade walls support

Starting now, the Kaufland store in Sovata, Romania, will have Unic Rotarex® facade walls. The need to build quickly and cost-effective has led architects and engineers who build supermarkets to verify our solution’s viability. In just a few days, we assembled the structure for the sandwich panels on a reinforced concrete structural scheme that will be the facade of Kaufland Sovata. An easy, fast, and economical solution offered by Unic Rotarex®. A solution that we hope will be used in the future by more and more supermarket builders.

We are happy that Unic Rotarex® products have found utility in the development of large industrial buildings. Slowly but surely, we are developing products that show that Unic Rotarex® constructive system is revolutionizing this industry. After expanding our portfolio even on the American continent, it is a pride for us to conquer the redoubt of large industrial constructions.

Ask us anything today, even if you don’t think we can make it, and maybe we will give you a positive answer. It is time to change something in our attitude if we want this field to evolve in the future.


Kaufland steel structure

Our collaborators finished assembling the steel structure, they are now plating it with the sandwich panels.