Friendly design with Unic Rotarex® steel structures

Looks like Unic Rotarex® steel structures are overcoming the cold borders of industrial buildings, they are not just load bearing structures for residential buildings, but also a very friendly design element.

At the Tuzla Aerodrome from Romania, the talented architect Emilian Georgescu, launched a challenge in which we didn’t believe at the beginning: to make Hangar Cafe 67, not only as a structure but also using part of the structural elements as design elements in combination with airplane components. A strange idea if you think about it, a spectacular achievement if you see it.

The imagination and creativity have no limits. Today we can decorate with Unic Rotarex® steel structure, in a unique way in which creative people are transforming the cold steel into a warm atmosphere.

Because a picture is like a thousand words, we will let the images speak.