Design of Unic Rotarex® lightweight steel structures


We design load-bearing structures for residential and industrial buildings. Ten years of work, experience, and modern software.

The principle is effort distribution, with many elements (profiles), each taking over part of the effort. Let’s not forget that the element’s weight is also an effort that must be taken over. If we have a concrete beam, a large part of the load-bearing is needed to take over its weight. What is left can be used for the building’s specific load-bearing.

The engineers learned in school and in practice to use concrete and laminated elements. The lack of experience in this domain takes to massive material consumption (meaning increased price), in projects drawn by new engineers in this area. The ones who try to copy existing designs are endangering the safety of the building because they do not understand what they just designed.

The advantages of Unic Rotarex® know-how  – over ten years of experience:

Unic Rotarex® design team• we design the most variate products, from small containers to 5 floors of residential buildings or small and medium industrial buildings.

• We revolutionized the steel consumption per square meter of construction. Unic Rotarex® industrial buildings are long known as they have reduced steel consumption from 45 to 25 kilograms per square meter for a free span of up to 15m and height of up to 6m.

• We gathered lots of experience in developing modular buildings and innovated the simplest walls jointure.

• Unic Rotarex®  learned to apply mixed solutions, and we combine the steel structure with laminated and concrete elements.

• We also learned to instantly evaluate the metal consumption per square meter of construction, with a minimal margin of error.

• We offer technical documentation with calculation notes and 2D and 3D detailing. The complexity of detailing simplifies the load-bearing structures, even for beginners.

• We have a large team of designers and two universities with whom we draw projects, and we test the structural elements and the new ideas.

• We export CNC files for production from the assembling plans, eliminating all errors. At first, we see the 3D model of the structure, and then we produce it.

• We also develop wall sections, floors, foundations, and roofs for all climate areas.

• We adapt the building methods to the materials request of each region.

How to buy the technical documentation?

We deliver the technical documentation only to the ones who buy Unic Rotarex® structures.

Make an inquiry and, according to the complexity and location of your project, we will decide who is the most appropriate engineer for you to work with.