Unic Rotarex® building methods

Building methods used for lightweight steel structures buildings.
Sections of walls, floors, and roofs specific to the building area. Solutions for obtaining thermal resistance, sound resistance, and also fire resistance.
Unic Rotarex® permanently develops and adapts building methods for all climate areas and all customer necessities.

Prefabricated materials for modern building methods

LGS building methods by Unic Rotarex®Modern prefabricated materials are accessible in all building areas combined with Unic Rotarex® structures to obtain thermal, sound, and fire resistance performances.
We can obtain walls with a thermal transfer coefficient U=0,17W/m²K or better.
Sound resistance up to 58 dB.
Walls covered with gypsum boards with fire resistance for up to 180 minutes.
Unic Rotarex® know-how covers all details that architects or customers need to understand the possibilities and performances of our building system:

• interior and exterior wall sections combined with diverse prefabricated materials in order to obtain the desired performances;

• roof types, their stratification, and insulation method;

• floor types, specific to lightweight steel structures, materials, and stratifications used in order to obtain the desired performances;

• foundation types used in association with lightweight steel structures buildings, from classical foundations to ground screws over which is placed the supra structure;