Best selling house

Best selling house

It was one of the first house model designed to have the best quality-price ratio in its category. This year was the best selling house and all those who see it know it is enough for a family. It is a cheap house, with light steel structure, 72 sqm with living room, bath, kitchen with dining space, two bedrooms, technical space, wind-fang, and an exterior covered terrace.

We have built this house at a very good price, today you can buy its structure from us and do the rest of the works with workers from your area.


  • livingroom – 19,14 sqm
  • kitchen – 7,50 sqm
  • bath – 5,13 sqm
  • bedroom 1 – 9,91 sqm
  • bedroom2 – 12,84 sqm
  • technical space – 4,88 sqm
  • terrace – 7,32 sqm

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