Beginner, assembles a house structure by himself

We have received from our client, Mr. Romica Firtat, the living proof that Unic Rotarex® construction system is accessible and easy to assemble, even for beginners. Mr. Firtat, without asking any questions, took the assembling plans and started assembling the structure as if he had experience in this field. A pleasant surprise for us because there were other clients who assembled by themselves, without help, but Mr. Firtat also made a short timelapse video that proves this.

The short video speaks for itself. We can only be proud that Unic Rotarex® construction system is available to anyone with little skill, enough willpower, and a screwdriver. What more proof could we give you to follow his example?

Anyone who buys from us structures at manufacturer’s price assembles them alone or with the help of family or friends and then plates with prefabricated materials the specially modulated structure to fit, will get an equally good product, but much cheaper, for that many of the “great craftsmen” are no better than you. This means that you will obtain a quality product but you will also make great price savings.