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Beginner, assembles a house structure by himself

We have received from our client, Mr. Romica Firtat, the living proof that Unic Rotarex® construction system is accessible and easy to assemble, even for beginners. Mr. Firtat, without asking any questions, took the assembling plans and started assembling the structure as if he had experience in this field. A pleasant surprise for us because […]

The place where the past meets the future

For our customers, designing the stairs is a challenge, but not for us. We have shown several times that our steel structure staircase solution is much cheaper and more efficient than any other constructive solution. In this way, on an old construction (from the past), we can bring solutions from the future. Unic Rotarex® offers […]

Constructive solution for vertical extension

Many of our customers require old houses to be extended vertically, but the original foundation and walls were designed long ago, outside of a well-developed legislative framework. They were also designed to support a certain number of floors, and then customers want to add higher levels. Allocating additional loads over the existing construction is a […]

Kaufland facade walls support

Starting now, the Kaufland store in Sovata, Romania, will have Unic Rotarex® facade walls. The need to build quickly and cost-effective has led architects and engineers who build supermarkets to verify our solution’s viability. In just a few days, we assembled the structure for the sandwich panels on a reinforced concrete structural scheme that will […]

Friendly design with Unic Rotarex® steel structures

Looks like Unic Rotarex® steel structures are overcoming the cold borders of industrial buildings, they are not just load bearing structures for residential buildings, but also a very friendly design element. At the Tuzla Aerodrome from Romania, the talented architect Emilian Georgescu, launched a challenge in which we didn’t believe at the beginning: to make […]

We need to expand our storage space

Unic Rotarex® storage space is not sufficient anymore. We assemble fewer structures and produce more, which shows that Unic Rotarex® products have begun to be sought in the building materials market. At this time, we export over 65% of our production and it seems like this trend is ascending. Our abroad clients have the quality […]

Steel houses vs wooden houses

Steel houses are built for over 50 years in New Zealand. In Australia, over 50% of the new houses are built on steel structure, in Hawaii 40%, and in Japan over 150 000 steel houses are built in a year. Wooden houses are built forever we want to show why it is the time to […]

Unic Rotarex® industrial buildings in competition with the acknowledged ones

After winning the price fight with the acknowledged type of industrial buildings in a significant market segment, the time has come to show that our industrial buildings look very good and they are a serious competitor for the classical ones. The image shows an industrial building in Vexjo, Sweden made with Unic Rotarex® steel structures. […]

Say no to circular grinder structures

When the site master will ask for the certification for the structures made with workers with a circular grinder and you won’t be able to advance with your building, what will you do?!!! Regulation no. 305/2011 establishes the harmonized conditions for commercializing the construction products and abrogate the Directive no. 89/106/CEE; this is applied obligatory […]

10 years of Rotarex structures

10 years of Rotarex structures We turned 10 years since the first presentation we did with lightweight steel structures building methods. We can say that it worth it when we think that by then we were cutting “C” and “U” profiles bought from Germany and also pay for their license. We proudly find that, after […]