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Unic Rotarex® duplex house in Belgium

Carmen CodreaGraduate of Business University “Babes Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Administrative assistant, marketing manager, Unic Rotarex® websites administrator.  


24 years with Unic Rotarex®

Unic Rotarex® turned 24 years old, and we are still counting! We are among the first who brought the lightweight steel structures to the Romanian market, but we did not stop here. Unic Rotarex® company is now recognized worldwide for the quality of our products and services. If you do not believe us, see our […]


One more house built by one man

In the footsteps of Mr. Bercu, another Unic Rotarex® customer built his own by himself! Mr. Iulian purchased a steel structure for a house in Milcov commune, Romania with an area of 170 m². He recently sent us photos, glad that he managed to make the works by himself! We are also happy because we […]


Steel house in Holland update

In less than two weeks, our customer from the Netherlands completed the assembly of the steel structure and moved to plate it with OSB (see image). Eliminating the dead times that appear in the case of classical constructions is one of the factors that make steel buildings more efficient. It’s not only us who say […]


The customer who built his house by himself

Do you remember the house build by one man? After the winter vacation our customer, Mr. Bercu, continued the works and now he can move to his new steel house! He is still content about the ease with which he worked and with the result obtained. The flatness of the surfaces can be observed even […]


First Unic Rotarex® steel house of our Italian customer

Our client from Italy, Mr. Alessandro, ordered his first Unic Rotarex® metal structure at the end of last year. He confessed then that he plans to order more steel structures that he will assemble with his team, but in the first phase, he wants to see how the collaboration with Unic Rotarex® will go and, […]


Industrial construction with Unic Rotarex® steel structure

Our experience has led to the improvement of the industrial construction system in the field of lightweight steel structures. In the image, you can see an industrial building with Unic Rotarex® steel structure in Baicoi, Romania with a surface of 432 m². This time we provided the structure and the rest of the construction work […]


Spring has not arrived yet, but the house in Holland goes to the next level

Following Austria and France, Holland is not waiting for spring to come in order to have a Unic Rotarex® steel structure. The structure was recently delivered to Nibbixwoud, northern Holland, and our client has already assembled the ground floor of the house, as you can see in the picture. The house will have two levels, […]


What is it like to be Unic Rotarex® partner

We can only be happy when concluding that our tries to teach others to benefit from Unic Rotarex® constructive system are not in vain. In two days, in Averesti, Romania, our partner managed to assemble half of the structure of a 281 sqm industrial building. In two more days, the roof will also be assembled […]


The house built by one man

Following the participation in our tuition course, Mr. Bercu bought an Unic Rotarex® steel structure to build a house. After delivering the structure we contacted him to make sure that everything is fine, even if our team did not make the assembling of the structure. We were pleasantly surprised by his reaction, Mr. Bercu states: […]


Unic Rotarex® tuition course and the skills acquired in Germany

The technical experience acquired in Germany makes it easy to assemble Unic Rotarex® structures for our clients. This once again demonstrates that Unic Rotarex® structures have very good plans and our customers can assemble them without asking questions. After completing the Tuition Course in the assembly of Unic Rotarex® structures, Mr. Chirila Alin easily assembles […]


Unic Rotarex® steel structures – great success at London Build 2018

Unic Rotarex® exposed last week at London Build 2018. The visitors were very interested in our constructive system, the main attraction of the stand was the “01 Rotarex” car, which shows undoubtedly the unlimited possibilities in which Unic Rotarex® steel structures can be used. Among the curious ones were architects, engineers, and international building companies […]


London Build 2018

Between 23-24 October we invite you to Olympia London, where Unic Rotarex® will present its constructive system and its products during the biggest building exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Follow this link to see the exhibition’s schedule for each day. Also by following this link, you can sign up as a visitor for the event. […]


Main sponsor at the structures contest

Friday and Saturday, 5-6 May 2017, we participated at the “Latticed structures contest”, the sixth edition held by the construction department of the Iasi Construction University, as the main sponsor. We were pleasantly surprised to find a very young team of teachers who understand the necessity of developing new alternative structures systems. A very good […]


The first Rotarex Structures Assembler

Mister C. Lazar has become the first Rotarex structures Assembler with a diploma. Immediately after receiving the diploma he has declared that he wishes to start a small business based on the acquired knowledge. Our initial thought was to prepare workers for our partners or collaborators companies. So look how the first Rotarex Structures Assembler […]


Flow Ride 5 sponsor

Flow Ride 5 sponsor Extreme sports passionates have gathered Friday and Saturday at the downhill contest “Flow Ride 5” organized by Bistrita DH. Saturday morning, before the contest, we have reached the finish line to ensure that the ones who will win will enjoy the victory on the podium provided by Unic Rotarex®. We found […]