24 years with Unic Rotarex®

Unic Rotarex® turned 24 years old, and we are still counting! We are among the first who brought the lightweight steel structures to the Romanian market, but we did not stop here. Unic Rotarex® company is now recognized worldwide for the quality of our products and services. If you do not believe us, see our portfolio that speaks for itself!

Over time, we have successfully passed audits with the most renowned and demanding institutions in Europe to ensure that we offer optimal solutions for steel houses and steel industrial buildings. We innovated the technology of lightweight steel structures, reducing the steel consumption per square meter, and we tried to help the young engineers to understand our construction system better. Construction companies from all over the world, from the Caribbean Islands to the United Arab Emirates, participated in our tuition course. We shared with them our know-how so that, together, we can provide you with the most reliable lightweight steel structures. We do not intend to stop, the world needs modern construction methods, and we know what we have to do in this regard!

For over two decades, Unic Rotarex® respects the trust you give us, and we proudly say that we have aged, but not by a few years, but by hundreds of satisfied customers!