Lightweight steel structure modern building methods

Lightweight steel structures produced by Unic Rotarex®

Unic Rotarex® – Lightweight steel structures producer – is the name under which we design and produce lightweight steel structures. We develop modern building methods with our partners.

We produce load-bearing structures for residential and industrial buildings with a high level of precision and prefabrication. We develop building methods specific to each type of climate.

We have split our know-how into four base categories: design, production, assembling, and building methods. The ones interested can receive the right to use our know-how through collaboration agreements, association, or buying. We can collaborate in one, several, or all categories.

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Our products

We design and produce load-bearing structures for residential and industrial buildings. We sell these types of products at the best quality-price ratio.

Lightweight steel structure for residential buildings

Load-bearing structures for residential buildings produced by Unic Rotarex®This is the technology that will be used for future buildings. However, it is nothing new, we just improved the wood framing system by using galvanized steel cold-formed profiles. They have a higher prefabrication and precision level. The joints between the steel profiles are more resistant than the wooden ones, which use OSB or plywood plating for load-bearing. In our case, the structure is ready to take in all load-bearing efforts and the OSB only brings a supplementary contribution.
Our engineers design the structures with computer-assisted software and export them to the production line resulting in structural elements in the most diverse shapes. Besides, the assembling is quickly done on-site, based on the 2D and 3D plans using self-drilling screws. The materials used in association with our structure are well-known building materials, which can be found at retailers in your area. The following works are very well-known works for all builders.

Lightweight steel structure for industrial buildings

Lightweight steel structures for industrial buildings produced by Unic Rotarex®

After many years we are the first ones to reduce the material consumption per square meter by over 25% for industrial buildings with a 15m free span and 6m height. An important reduction which reflects in the price.

Lightweight structural elements, most of them manually assembled. In order to lift the roof trusses for a 750 sqm industrial building, the lifting equipment is needed just for one day. If you think of how many hours of lifting equipment are needed in the classical building methods, you will identify one more important price reduction.

The pillars are fixed in the concrete slab of the foundation with mechanical and chemical anchors. Furthermore, because our system doesn’t need anchor bolts fixed to the foundation, any specialist will understand what a great time and price reduction this means.

The structure of a 600 sqm industrial building can be produced and assembled in 10 days.

Our know-how

With an experience of over ten years, Unic Rotarex® has passed through all construction phases, and today we provide the most advanced know-how existent on the market.
We provide our know-how to our customers only to sell the structures.
We are looking for partners who can sell and build with our structures. We are continuously improving our know-how.


Learn how the technical documentation is drawn for residential and industrial buildings with lightweight steel structures.

Design, 2D and 3D statical analysis, materials used, applicable legislation, Euro norms, structural material consumption, and design templates.


Galvanized lightweight steel structures production line. Machines needed, organizing the production flow, storage, and delivery.

Packaging the profiles, labeling the packages and preassembling of the load-bearing structural elements in the factory.

Building methods

Building methods used for steel structure houses. Sections of walls, floors, and roofs specific to the building area. Solutions for obtaining thermal resistance, sound resistance, and fire resistance.

Recommended prefabricated materials for modern building methods.

About us

After 27 years together we can say about us that we are very close to writing the real Unic Rotarex® story (we hope that you also enjoy the Rota-Rex version).
Our portfolio can say very much about us at this moment. Starting next year the new production units and the partnerships in many countries will strengthen the Unic Rotarex® brand even more.

Ecological concept

Ecological concept

Starting from the premise “Forests are saved while structures are made”, Unic Rotarex® proposes a new ecological concept, which aims at nature conservation by using recyclable steels in the production of structures for construction.

We believe that we get a double ecological effect if we melt the old cars and turn them into structures for houses, instead of cutting down the forests.

Our portfolio

Over 300 buildings in Europe and also in other countries.

Our age

We are together for 27 years.

27 years together


We are looking for partners in all partnership types below. Companies can associate with us in one or all partnership categories. Individuals can learn the craft of Unic Rotarex® Structures Assembler or can bring us customers based on commission.

Sales partner

Can be a company as a re-seller or an individual who brigs customers and receives a commission.

Assembling partner

Can be a company that assembles our structures or an individual trained by us to work with our partners.

Contractor partner

Can be a company that finishes the construction after the structure is assembled.

Our websites

Find the services offered by Unic Rotarex® partners in each country. Our services are production, assembling, sales, and contracting. If one service is missing in one country, it means that it is supplied through another country.

If you want to see specific information about Unic Rotarex® residential buildings, industrial buildings, or other types of steel structures, you can find it on the websites below.