Tuition - learn Unic Rotarex® technolgies Free tuition courses in order to teach Unic Rotarex® technologies.

Unic Rotarex® takes the responsibility and the expense to offer free courses to teach the correct application of the new construction technologies.

So you can participate at:

  • free tuition course to learn assembling of Unic Rotarex® structures . Very useful to persons who wish to assemble Unic Rotarex® structures by their own.
  • the free tuition course for design in Unic Rotarex® system, reading the plans, estimation of the structures price and correct transmission of information between Unic Rotarex® and it’s partners and collaborators.
  • training and professional qualification course RSA (Rotarex Structures Assembler). The RSA diploma and the right to receive jobs

The free tuition course for assembling Unic Rotarex® structures

It’s held at Unic Rotarex® headquarter in the last Friday and Saturday of each month, except December or the months in which there are few participants. The minimum number of participants is 4-5 persons.

During the course you will assemble the free sample. See how, if you want to take it home.

See the schedule and the accommodation conditions, then sign in the form below. A week before the chosen date you will receive a confirmation email and minimum 4 days before you will be notified if it will take place or not.

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