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Unic Rotarex® modern building methodsRegistered trademark


Protection rights in classes 6 Nisa (steel buildings, including prefabricated; steel structures and platforms for buildings; steel modular structures; steel panels for buildings; industrial buildings and steel roofs) and 42 Nisa (consultancy services, design and research in constructions area; computer assisted design services for construction projects; development of construction projects; creation and maintenance of own website) and 26113; 270501; 290112 – Vienna.

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European Certified steel structuresEuropean Certification


What more can we say about us rather that we produce under the European certification mark and we have implemented a production control system audited by the most renowned  European company, TÜV SÜD München. Nobody in Europe doubts the quality of products accredited by TÜV SÜD.

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ISO 9001 quality controlISO 9001 quality


We believe that this is the biggest question asked by someone who wants to produce something. We have shown by many of our products that we can obtain quality at a low price and we have implemented the quality control management system with TÜV SÜD München, which does not need further presentation.

If you follow our evolution graphics you will see all indicators are growing each year and if you will compare us with the ones that call themselves “competition” it is clear that you will understand enough about us and our attitude about what we do.

This is what we wanted to say about us so we will present individually in order for you to know what to say to others about us.

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“FORRESTS ARE SAVED WHILE STRUCTURES ARE MADE!” is the motto under which we describe ourselves ecological, is the motto under which Unic Rotarex® proposes a new ecological concept.

The need to change our thinking and use wood only for the aesthetic elements of the building.
The steel is recyclable if we melt our old cars and turn them into house structures, we get a double ecological effect. Or do you think it is ecological to cut our forests and make houses?

Manager - Unic Rotarex®

Marius Rotar



Graduate of the Faculty of Management in Brasov – Management specialization.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of lightweight structures construction, in the first years in Germany and over 10 years in Romania.

The experience gained in the German construction sites where I built only lightweight steel structures (compartment walls) made of galvanized profiles has put the mark on my way of thinking about how construction should look like.
When you learn to work by millimeter, you understand that no compromise can be made.
When you learn to stop compromising and go back to Romania, it is very difficult to respect what you have learned in Germany. Most give up!
I have found a way not to compromise, to work by millimeter and to have satisfaction right here in Romania. Every millimeter you give away at the beginning of the construction, you must recover at the end, and surely it will be harder to do and more expensive.
Our structure is plane and whatever you put on it, will remain so and will be so right from start to finish and will be simpler, faster and cheaper. What about this philosophy ?!
We take our clients from the internet and our greatest pride is that none of our clients have so far expressed any dissatisfaction regarding our collaboration or the product received. On our website we can write anything, the internet is not ours, we can not censor it. Be aware that the ones who say bad things about us, because:

-what we can say about us – is not much, but shown through the people and their accomplishments;

-what competition says about us – means nothing, but shows that we are in their way;

-what our customers say about us  – is a big deal because it shows our realizations.


Commercial Director - Unic Rotarex®

Vlad Fârte


The man who answers the most difficult questions. The man who provides the first sketches and ideas. Vlad will draw the offer and set up the agreement!

Technical Director - Unic Rotarex®

Dan Mocan

Diplomat Engineer – Technical Director


The engineer who shows you the 3D structure before it exists. The person applying the CE mark.
Ask Dan how a project will look and he will show you!

Chief Engineer - Unic Rotarex®

Jannin Nicolau

Senior Engineer

The first engineer who, after many years, managed to design an industrial building with an over 35% consumption reduction.

Many would say that our products are not good but they will have to explain to Jannin why!

Assistent Manager - Unic Rotarex®

Carmen Codrea

Assistant Manager

If you like our website, it’s her merit. Every day she improves the information that reaches you.
On the phone she will give you the first information, on e-mail she will send you all you ask for!

Alin Rotar

Production Chief

For almost 20 years with Unic Rotarex®.

The man who makes the structure have tolerances under a millimeter!

Assembling Team Chief - Unic Rotarex®

Nicolae Maier

Assembling Team Chief

For over 10 years with Unic Rotarex®.

Tha man who will assemble your building’s structure by millimeter!